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We are getting very high post from users who got cheated from fake website called SPOTO.NET aka 591LAB.COM 
I request all the users to be very careful from such fake websites.
There are some very important point to note : -
* They creating fake skype ids & other forum ids and stating they pass from & workbook so never believe them.
* They making fake marksheets/results from Photoshop and posting on their website so that users believe they are real clients
   and passed but those are all modified fake files to cheat clients.
* They don't have any updates hence they are cheating users very badly.
* Before you pay they say you they have updated workbooks but once purchased they send all old stuff which is totally useless.
* After payment there is no response from them (0) value no support at all just fake real fake.
* They stop responding after you pay them.
* They are fake workbook sellers so request all users from forum do not go to them at all and kindly save your money!
* They are emailing few images stating that they have real contain but the fact is they copied that from another vendor so do not get fooled.
* They have made fake ids in linkedin called "Training Advisor" and posting fake images so that they can attract innocent candidates.
* They have hired few guys on % in skype group's which will only say good about 591 lab or SPOTO or route you to their website 
   If any skype id will say good about 591/SPOTO in any groups mark him agent of 591LAB aka SPOTO and be careful from those fake ids.
All users can post their own views, But this post has been made just to keep all the users secure from such fake website!
We are making this post because we are getting very high request so that all other users who is making any purchase can save their money from SPOTO.NET aka 591LAB.COM fake website.
All users can PM me directly if they need any help!
Fake Skype id's used by 591 LAB & SPOTO 
SPOTO.NET aka 591LAB.COM Stamped as FAKE SCAM.

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